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Slovakia showing interior views, theater scenes and heritage elements

This landlocked country in central Europe has stunning mountain scenery, fascinating architecture and numerous open-air adventures.

Slovakia offers cultural enjoyment and outdoor adventure. See deep valleys, clifftop medieval castles and towns filled with historic and artistic treasures.

The country’s nine national parks provide many opportunities for experiencing diverse scenery. Hike along the trails of the High Tatras, a northern mountain range. Climb aboard a raft for a trip down the Dunajec River in Pieniny National Park. Head for Jasná’s ski slopes in the Demanova Valley.

Slovakia also has many cave systems. Explore the frozen halls and corridors of the Dobšinská Ice Cave at the Slovak Paradise National Park. Venture into the cave beneath Bojnice Castle and look for bats in Harmanecká Cave. Demänovská Cave of Liberty is where you’ll see underground waterfalls, stalactites and even water lilies.

Bratislava is Slovakia’s capital. This cultural, commercial and industrial hub lies on the banks of the Danube River in the country’s southwestern region. Walk along the northern bank of the river near the Old Town where numerous flower gardens flourish near impressive castles. Nearby, visit the Slovak National Gallery and the Slovak National Museum. Board a boat for a short river cruise.

Visit Baroque palaces and relax on the terraces of the city's many cafés. Walk up the hill to Bratislava Castle where you can learn about Slovakia’s ancient past and appreciate views of the city from the stronghold’s highest tower. Enjoy additional spectacular vistas from the UFO watch.taste.groove restaurant, shaped like a flying saucer, at the top of the support pillar of the Most SNP bridge.

Just outside the city is the Small Carpathian region that has been known for its wines since Roman times. Join a guided tour of the wine route that leads to vineyards, wineries and rural villages.

Find fascinating attractions in some of the country’s other cities. Travel to Košice for its medieval monuments and underground archeological museum. Browse the traditional craft stores of Žilina and soothe your body in the natural warm spa waters of Piešťany.

Come to Slovakia for year-round adventure, culture and the scenery.

Popular cities in Slovakia

St. Martin\'s Cathedral showing a city and night scenes
Known for Historical, Poolside bars and Castle
Take a romantic stroll through charming streets and alleys and visit an iconic castle in this medieval city on the Danube River.

Reasons to visit

  • Bratislava Castle
  • Blue Church
  • Bratislava City Museum
Kosice which includes a church or cathedral, heritage architecture and a city
Known for Historical, Cathedrals and Museums
Sloping red roofs, Gothic cathedrals and surrounding green hills make Kosice an irresistibly picturesque destination with a classically Slovakian atmosphere.

Reasons to visit

  • St. Elisabeth Cathedral
  • Hlavna Ulica
  • Crafts Lane
Trnava which includes a square or plaza, street scenes and a city
Known for Dining, Walking and Cathedrals
Elegantly simple Slovakian architecture, charming town squares and a historic university make the small town of Trnava a rewarding and peaceful destination.

Reasons to visit

  • City Tower
  • Trnava St. John the Baptist Cathedral
  • Church of the Holy Trinity
Bardejov which includes a garden
Known for Museums and Monuments
Explore several centuries’ worth of history in this UNESCO World Heritage site, a beautifully preserved medieval town in northeastern Slovakia.

Reasons to visit

  • Bardejov Spa
  • Church of St. Aegidius
  • Bardejov Square
Vysoke Tatry
Vysoke Tatry
Known for Mountains, Hiking and Cross-country skiing
Come to quaint Vysoke Tatry and enjoy its hiking, skiing, and spas.
Banska Stiavnica
Banska Stiavnica
Known for Castle, Historical and Cathedrals
Trip time! Discover the castle, cathedral, and archaeology in Banska Stiavnica.