Hualien County

Chishingtan Beach

This beautiful east coast region is home to scenic beaches, wonderful hiking and biking trails and one of Taiwan’s most famous natural attractions.

Hualien is a popular base for visitors traveling to the world-renowned Taroko Gorge. This region also offers rich indigenous culture, fantastic night markets and numerous other stunning natural attractions that are worth exploring.

Carved by the Liwu River, Taroko Gorge is a spectacular natural site where you can walk past steep marble cliffs, thick rainforest, misty waterfalls and mountainside temples. Part of Taroko National Park, the area around the gorge is filled with tunnels, suspension bridges and picturesque walking trails. If you are an intrepid adventurer, head deeper into the park for challenging mountain hikes and rugged cycling trails.

Although Taroko is the focus of many travelers’ itineraries, Hualien’s beauty certainly isn’t limited to this park. Collect rocks along Chishingtan Beach, a long stretch of pebble beach set against a backdrop of rolling green mountains. Walk to the Hualien Martyrs’ Shrine to enjoy beautiful views over the region’s capital or take some photos at the Qingshui Cliffs, which plummet dramatically into the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Swim or surf at Jichi Beach, where a striking black sand bay is bordered by green hills.

In the region’s capital, Hualien City, the pace of life moves much slower compared to industrially developed cities like Taipei. The city is home to seven of the island's 14 indigenous tribes, making it an excellent place to learn about Taiwanese culture.

Hualien has two main night markets: the small but busy Ziqiang Night Market and Nanbin Night Market, which is one of the largest in Taiwan. Explore the extensive food, games and entertainment offered at each market and be sure to try some of Hualien’s regional cuisine. This area is known for its tasty wonton soups and muaji, a sweet made of sticky rice.

Fly to Hualien from Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung or catch a train from Taipei. Taroko Gorge is one of the area's top tourist attractions, so it is well connected to Hualien by bus.

Popular cities in Hualien County

Ching-Shui Cliff showing general coastal views and rocky coastline
Hualien City
Known for Nature, Natural parks and Hiking
Secluded Hualien City is calling! Discover its parks, hiking, jazz scene, and more.

Reasons to visit

  • Pacific Landscape Park
  • Hualien Cultural Creative Industries Park
  • Pine Garden
Taroko National Park which includes tranquil scenes
Known for Nature, Natural parks and Luxury
Explore upscale Xiulin: its natural setting, hiking, temples, and more!

Reasons to visit

  • Taroko National Park
  • Ching-Shui Cliff
Known for Sea, Relaxing and Recreation
Come to relaxing Shoufeng and enjoy its oceanfront, entertainment, and university life.

Reasons to visit

  • Farglory Ocean Park
  • Liyu Lake
Known for Jazz, Biking and Castle
Ji'an is calling! Discover its theme park, jazz scene, history, and more.
Known for Marinas, Nature and Natural parks
Experience the marina, natural setting, and beaches in Fengbin!
Known for Nature
Get away to Wanrong! Enjoy the natural setting and more.